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CNC Machined Parts manufacturer in China | Stainless steel machined parts manufactured by CNC Machining China Factory

Posted By CNC Machining China Factory of Precision CNC Machined Parts Zhuohang Precision Machining Factory on 2020-07-09 12:29 AM
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CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer

CNC Machining China Factory is a China based custom high precision CNC machined parts or cnc machined components, CNC milled parts and CNC turned parts manufacturer. We provide quality custom cnc machining services for cnc machining parts, cnc milling parts and cnc turning parts at competitive prices with fast delivery and excellent after-sales services.

We manufacture high precision machined parts or precision machining parts in house. Our China precision cnc machining factory has been equipped with state-of-the-art modern advanced high precision machining facilities which including 3 axis cnc machining centers, 4 axis cnc machining centers, 5 axis CNC machining centers, CNC Milling Machines, Wire EMD machines and other precision secondary processing machines. If you are looking for a professional supplier, manufacturer and exporter of custom quality high precision CNC machining parts in China, our team is ready for your precision machining projects. We will help you get the custom metal or plastic parts machined easy and fast.

With more than 20 years of experience in custom high precision CNC machining, CNC Machining China Factory is committed to provide and manufacture perfect quality high precision CNC machining services and CNC machined parts at competitive prices. And we can also handle secondary processing and sub-assembly work for you when CNC prototyping and CNC volume production machining completed. Contact us now for your next CNC precision machining project. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


CNC Machining | CNC Milling | CNC Turning | CNC Prototyping | Secondary Processing | Sub-assembly

General tolerance standard: DIN/ISO2768-f or better.


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